About Us...

40 years of tradition


Helen Alcala opened her doors in 1980 after working an entire career with the school district. people came for the homemade tortillas and authentic Tex-Mex tastes, but stayed for the sweet hospitality. Helen knew the names of almost every customer who came in; she watched kids turn into adults and fed generations of Buda natives and visitors. 

handmade goodness

Our tortillas are fresh daily; the only way Helen knew how. we use local ingredients and Helen's recipes to serve up the best food in town! we don't believe in cutting corners here. our menu is small but mighty! try our famous fattie or same taco, filled to the brim on a fresh flour or corn tortilla.

family owned, family run

after raising a family and retiring from the school system, helen and her husband, Pete, opened their restaurant in Helen's hometown of Buda. their late daughter Linda, late son Ernie, and youngest son Rene all worked and managed the restaurant over the years providing leadership during the population growth of Buda and keeping it the oldest running restaurant in town.

following a devastating fire at the original location in march of 2020, Helen's casa alde is reopening under the management of helen's granddaughter remy and her husband mike, as they continue the 40 year tradition that helen began.